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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lodging available on-site? has a one of a kind WWII themed “Barracks” exclusively for our customers. The Barracks offers WWII Historic styling with all modern amenities. It truly is an experience of awe inspiring beauty of the Ox Ranch combined with the Historic Nostalgic flare that only can offer. Each room has 2-Queen Size Beds and an available Roll Away Bed. The Barracks Lodging is designed for our clients to be able to stay on the Ox Ranch and continue their adventure by transitioning their experience to some Ox Ranch’s activities that have made them World Famous. Your Barracks lodging experience will also include all your meals prepared by the ranches award winning chef. Prepare to make your palate come alive.  Click here to learn more.

Is there any age limit on who can drive or shoot?

We have no set age limit.  It is entirely up to the parents and the capability of the kids to follow instruction.  That being said, we have had kids as young as 8 shoot and as young as 12 drive the tanks.  We have mounts that several of the machine guns can shoot from, so that there is no need
for recoil management of control.  This allows the experience of shooting machine guns without the strength that otherwise may be necessary.

Watch one of our 12 year old drivers

If I pay to drive a tank and have some friends with me can they ride on the tank or drive it too?

The price includes up to 5 free guests, including you. but only one tank driver per tank booking. However, additional laps with the same tank to allow different drivers can be arranged for a 20% discount from that tanks individual drive price.

Do I actually drive the tank or does someone drive for me?

Yes! When you book any of our tanks experiences you will drive the tank through our one of a kind tank course with extreme terrain.

If I shoot a tanks main gun do I shoot a real or fake round?

100% Real Tank Round! You will shoot a real round just as they are meant to be shot. Full power loads. We do not shoot some powderpuff or blank load.

How long do I drive the tank for?

Times may very on how fast or slow you drive the course but a average lap around our one of a kind tank course last 15-20 minutes of actual driving. If you are shooting the tank then you will be working on and around the tank for an hour or more.

What is the “Range Fee” and when does it apply?

Our “Range Fee” is a charge that our clients incur when they desire to fire more than two different types of machine guns.  This fee is necessary because there is substantially more time that our Cadre/Range Safety officers must spend preparing, setting up, taking down, and maintaining the range. There is exponentially more gun cleaning/maintenance involved as well, when many different type of firearms are shot with one group.  This fee simply offsets some of these extra costs that are unfortunately incurred when shooting multiple weapon systems.  See range fee schedule below:

  • NO Range Fee for to up two different types of weapons
  • 3-5 different weapons is $200.00
  • 6 or more different weapons is $600.00

There is no Range Fee for any of the packages.  The the firearms shot in those packages do not count as different weapons, should you wish to fire additional weapons outside the ones included in the package.  You may still choose up to two different weapons to shoot outside your package with NO Range Fee.

Do you have an airstrip I can fly in on?

Yes, for those who prefer to leave the driving out of the equation completely, then why not fly directly into the ranch’s 5,800 ft Paved Runway located right on property. 01TX is the FAA identifier.

Can 2 people drive the tank on one lap of the course?

No, it is one person per lap. However, a second lap can be purchased at a 20% discount off the drive price for that particular tank that is already on the tank course.

What are your hours?

We are open seven days a week from 9am-7pm. *You can view our calendar online to see if dates and times are available to book. If you wish to discuss over the phone we would be happy to assists you as well.

Do you offer any veteran, police discounts?

We have a very high respect for both law enforcement and veterans. Most all our staff if either one or both. We have tried to set our pricing at the absolute lowest threshold that we can in order to cover operating costs and the many expenses associated with an endeavor of this magnitude. For that reason, we have no real ability to lower our prices any more than they are currently set. We do however, give our vets and law enforcement clients a free ball cap and shirt when they visit. Just let us know when you’re here.

Where is located?

Drive is located on the famous OX Hunting Ranch. Located on 18,000 acres of some of the most beautiful land that the Texas Hill Country has to offer. You will see all kinds of exotic game during your visit.

Do you Work with Charitable groups?

Yes, we have developed a program to support many nonprofit organizations at no cost to them. Please email us at and give us information about your charity.

Do you allow camping?

We Normally do not allow camping or RV set ups as it would require a staff member to be present as we have many exotic animals free ranging around our premises.