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High Explosive Experience

This truly is a High Explosive Bucket List Adventure and Experience of a Lifetime!

So, you want to Blow stuff up? Well, we have the perfect package for you. See what it is like to work with actual high explosives in real life, not by watching it in a video game or a Hollywood movie. You will be able to take part in an actual high explosive working experience. You will work hand in hand with one of our highly trained and experienced cadre to set up a series of three different high explosive blows.

See firsthand how modern tank rounds use a highly directional Shape Charge to penetrate a tank’s armor plating. After you blast through your personal piece of armor plate with a shape charge, you will get to take it home with you to use as a desk top conversation piece. You then have two more high explosive charges to set up that will be every bit as amazing and exciting as the shape charge.

$799.00 Three Detonations (includes souvenir steel plates)

$299.00 Shape Charge Detonation Only (includes souvenir steel plate)