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If I pay to drive a tank or a package and have some friends with me, can they ride on the tank or drive it too? Is there a maximum size group?


Most tanks will accommodate five additional riders. We have developed the drives and packages so that they include up to 5 FREE guests, not including you (the driver). However, only one tank driver per tank booking is included. No worries though, additional laps with the same tank to allow different drivers can be arranged for a 20% discount from that tanks individual drive price.

There is a $100 per person fee for any group over 6 individuals. (Ox Ranch Groups Excluded) This allows the rest of the party to be involved and observe the experience as a whole group. There is still a maximum of 5 passengers on the tanks. Tank Living Museum tour, water and soft drinks, eye and ear protection, transportation to and from the Tank and Machine Gun Range is included in the $100 fee.

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