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What is the “Range Fee” and when does it apply?


Our “Range Fee” is a charge that our clients incur when they desire to fire more than two different types of machine guns. This fee is necessary because there is substantially more time that our Cadre/Range Safety officers must spend preparing, setting up, taking down, and maintaining the range. There is exponentially more gun cleaning/maintenance involved as well, when many different type of firearms are shot with one group. This fee simply offsets some of these extra costs that are unfortunately incurred when shooting multiple weapon systems. See range fee schedule below:

  • NO Range Fee for to up two different types of weapons
  • 3-5 different weapons is $400.00
  • 6 or more different weapons is $700.00

There is no Range Fee for any of the packages. The the firearms shot in those packages do not count as different weapons, should you wish to fire additional weapons outside the ones included in the package. You may still choose up to two different weapons to shoot outside your package with NO Range Fee.

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