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Shooting from outside the turret vs inside the tank?


We shoot the main tank guns from outside the turret for two very good reasons. First and foremost is safety! We fire full power loads and if one were to over pressurize or if a breech ring component were to fail, very heavy metal components will bounce around the inside of the tank devastating anything inside. Remember, some of our tanks are over 75 years old. They are the real deal! Second, it is a much more interactive and an awe inspiring experience outside! Inside the turret it is quite honestly uneventful and boring. It is meant to be that way, so that the tank crews could fire round after round in combat. From inside, you would not experience the visual impact of the target and the awesome devastation, nor would you feel the concussive power of the these amazing machines. Another important note is that you will be the one pulling the firing control and unleashing the fury!

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